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Family Law

Family Law – Our team has a long history of successful representation in many areas of family law, which include divorce, custody, child support, paternity, pre-nuptial, ante-nuptial agreements and adoption. We understand that each case is unique and deserves careful attention to details.

  • Divorce
    • Divorce Litigation
    • Mediation
    • Property Distribution
      • Premarital Property Issues
      • Post marital Property Issues
      • Nonmarital Property Issues
    • Spousal Maintenance
  • Child Custody
    • Parenting Time
    • Child Support Actions
    • Change of Custody Matters
    • Grandparent Rights
  • CHIPS Actions
  • Adoption
    • Adoption of a Minor Child
    • Adult Adoption
  • Mediation
  • Appeals
  • Pre-nuptial & Ante-nuptial Agreements